I had a dream of manufacturing products out of Shea butter due to its vast benefits. After reaping its benefits first hand, I embarked on researching as to how to formulate products from Shea butter so others too can improve their skin and health. I began this venture in January of 2017. With the passion in me, I tried different samples until I finally found the mixture that in my view, was perfect. To start off, I produced 100 samples and gave them out to families and friends. After receiving positive feedbacks, I was inspired to produce more of these products and share it with a wider audience so they too can experience its life changing benefits. 

With this new passion and goal, I started effective business production on 5th March 2017 and sent the products to church for the blessings of God. I then started to market the products in various shops. Since then, I have had a good turnout. God has been faithful to me on this venture and my certification from the Botanica Organic Cosmetics Science course and the diploma I obtained in my study of the effects of natural skincare products on our bodies and health has strengthen my confidence in the effectiveness of my products.  Apart from God, my family members especially my children have been very supportive of me on this journey. I am confident that you too will be a supporter after using my products.